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Sep 06, 2022 · Along with history's most notable left-handed leaders (Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Winston Churchill), there have been a disproportionate number of left-handed ....

Jun 26, 2010 · A person whose left hand is the dominant one. About 12% of people are left handed..


health line palmistry in hindi: हस्‍तरेखा शास्‍त्र के अनुसार हथेली में मौजूद रेखाएं, निशान यह भी बताते हैं कि व्‍यक्ति का स्‍वास्‍थ्‍य कैसा रहेगा. वह किन बीमारियों का शिकार हो सकता है.

Mount of Moon. Mole in this position is an indication that the person must stay away from deep water sources, like wells, lake, rivers and oceans, especially around beaches. It is also hints at.

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. Left-arm pain can be a symptom of shoulder bursitis, which typically results from overuse of the shoulder joint. If the bursa sustains direct trauma or becomes infected, this can also contribute to pain in the left arm. Tendinitis often develops due to repetitive use of the joint.